The Cradle of Life

Your feelings aren’t priority,

Your opinion doesn’t matter.

Life is a curse.

You suffocate in a big black hole,

thats in your heart.


You’re loud but so soft.

Stone cold yet sensitive.

You’re happy but still sad.

Your laughs are simply silent cries.

You need someone but you don’t need anyone.


You’re independent but still dependent.

Invincible yet convincible,

Strong and vulnerable.

Invisible yet detectable.

Your sorrows are merely faux alarms.


You use the future to escape reality,

The past to escape the present.

You’re stone cold and bold,

But you’re still a shattered stone.


You’re in a cradle called life,

rocking into discomfort every time you  fall asleep.

You look around and realise,

You’re alone..


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