A Taste of Society

I stepped inside..

The voices made me do it!

The voices in my head said the same thing as they did!

They’re screaming at me, and I don’t know why!

I’ve been trapped in a room with no escape.

They make me fear myself, hate myself!

And I don’t know why!!

I’m suffocating in this room but there’s no escape!

I’m scared of this place I’m in!

But no one cares.

They  say I belong here,

But how can they expect me to know where I belong when I don’t even know who I am any more.

As I entered the room,

I lost myself completely…


The sun, the moon, the universe and it’s secret rivalry..

Have you ever thought that perhaps, the sun and the moon are lovers?

The sun, shining its light upon the moon so that its never in the dark.

Or maybe, its just an affair,

As the sun goes home to the ocean every night,

but the dark forces of the moon compel it to engage the ocean,

with a spell of love and take control over it.

To perhaps take revenge from the sun,

for taking away the darkness from the face of the earth.

The Earth: the only thing in the universe that the moon wants to engage in,

the center of it’s universe..

The Earth: In love with the sun of course, loved by the moon..



How is it that the moon is surrounded by darkness and full of flaws yet we desire to touch it, we admire it for its flawed beauty but we fear the darkness within us and despise ourselves for our flaws?

God of small things

” We are prisoners of war. Our dreams have been doctored. We belong no where. We sail unanchored on troubled seas. We may never be allowed ashore. Our sorrows will never be sad enough; Our joys, never happy enough; Our dreams never big enough; Our lives never important enough to matter.”

– Arundhati Roy

(The God of Small Things)

Fantasies of life

Isn’t it sad that we act like we don’t care and that we’re unbreakable, but in reality we’re so fragile & vulnerable that we’d shatter any minute & the world wouldn’t know because we’re so good at being invisible?

And the only thing that keeps us going is our big vision of the future, where all our hopes & dreams would come true. Then again, shattered in time. When we realise our dreams are merely fantasies & life’s a big fat lie. When realisation strikes, the end of world arrives along with the end of us.

Beauty behind Sorrow

People often misjudge me for a sadist when I say I love vulnerability. It’s not that I like seeing people go through stuff, I just feel that a person is himself when he’s sad.

As human beings we always let other people influence us, when we’re happy, angry, or whatever.. But when we’re sad, we only listen to ourselves and what our emotions say. And its not like we let our emotions govern us, we are what we feel. Sorrow is a very beautiful emotion, but it’s depicted as a negative energy because we fear ourselves. We’re scared to reveal our true selves to a world full of people who act like they’re tough but in reality they’re hurting too.. As John Green once stated “Pain demands to be felt”, I personally feel that pain makes us feel alive, if it wasn’t for the heaviness we feel in our hearts, we wouldn’t cherish and treasure the moments we live today . Sorrow and Fear are the two emotions that go hand in hand, everything a person does is because of fear, it drives our world round. But all we want in life is happiness, the one emotion that habituates one to being fake.


If I disappeared tomorrow,

Would the world still be the same?

Would the sky still be blue or would the skies cry?

Would the birds still sing in harmony?


If I disappeared tomorrow,

Would you remember me for who I am,

or some happy, pseudo version of me you imagned?

Would you remember me at all?


If I disappeared tomorrow,

would it make a difference?

Ocean of misery

I’m drowning in the ocean of my own misery,

I see the world around me but,

I don’t want to bother them, and they don’t want to be bothered by me.


I’m suffocating in a room filled with my thoughts and emotions,

minute by minute they seem to increase,

crushing me more and more..

But I don’t reach out for help because mother says it’s all in my head.



Pick up your dancing shoes,

Put on a fake smile..

The world doesn’t need to know..

Pretend to belong, when you know you don’t.

It’s okay to lie,

everyone does, when they tell you how much you mean to them.

Dance the evening away.

When night falls, be yourself again.

Let the darkness take you over.

Wake up with a damp pillow and mascara spread over.

It’s okay to feel, we all do.

Make sure to hide your sorrow, it is unacceptable.

For pain is the only real emotion we all feel..