A Taste of Society

I stepped inside..

The voices made me do it!

The voices in my head said the same thing as they did!

They’re screaming at me, and I don’t know why!

I’ve been trapped in a room with no escape.

They make me fear myself, hate myself!

And I don’t know why!!

I’m suffocating in this room but there’s no escape!

I’m scared of this place I’m in!

But no one cares.

They  say I belong here,

But how can they expect me to know where I belong when I don’t even know who I am any more.

As I entered the room,

I lost myself completely…



The voices in my head got louder,

they spoke too much, too fast.

So I put them to sleep.

but if I fall asleep as well,

just know that the little act of cowardice

finally put me at peace.



Death is not man; nor woman.

Death is an angel in disguise,

wearing the devils cloak to the parade of life.


Death is not a beast,

but a reflection of our deepest fears.

Death is merciful and kind,

freeing us from our cages.

But its beauty is hidden behind its mask of darkness.

And while time and life end,

death is left alone,

for it possesses the curse of immortality.


Stuck in a glass box in the middle of the city,

hundreds of people walk past me every minute,

Yet when I scream none of them hear.

My hands are bleeding, my throat is sore.

freedom feels like a foreign luxury that I could never afford.


How does it feel to wake up every morning,

Knowing how the day will drag on?

How can I express,

Living everyday knowing how worthless I am?

How do I fight the demons within me?

The dark thoughts inside my head,

Capturing every part of my soul,

Breaking me more and more,

Day and night..

Every breathing moment of mine.

How do I fight them?

What am I supposed to do,

When you laugh at my misery and tell me “it was just a joke”?

How am I supposed to believe you when you’re the reason I’m hurting?

How do I pretend to be alright,

When all I want to do is disappear into the shadows;

To realise, in fact, I am one of them.

Lurking around, disappearing into the darkness

How do I smile,

When all I crave is the sweet touch of a sharpened blade against my skin;

The warm, tinkling feeling of blood running down my skin?

What do I do when the only thing that calms me is the thought of lying unconscious in pool of blood, knowing there would be no tomorrow?

The only kind of pain I find solace in.

When death feels like the only comfort,

Do I extend an arm?

Or do I shiver at the thought of what it may do to ‘my loved ones’?



Little star

Little star shining so bright in the night sky,

looses its shine in the morning.

Little star,

bright and beautiful, yet just a tiny dot of light in the night sky.

Obscured by clouds, it stays hidden.

Lost in a blanket of stars, it goes unnoticed.

Little star burning with all the fight it has within,

eventually burns to ashes.

A heart full of disappointments

She lured him into it.

Cast over him with her beauty,

He fell for it.

She prayed for it day and night.

When it finally did happen,

A heart warming smile was exchanged with an evil grin of accomplishment.

Here a story began,

There, a heart shattered and scrambled on to the floor, into a million pieces..

The sun, the moon, the universe and it’s secret rivalry..

Have you ever thought that perhaps, the sun and the moon are lovers?

The sun, shining its light upon the moon so that its never in the dark.

Or maybe, its just an affair,

As the sun goes home to the ocean every night,

but the dark forces of the moon compel it to engage the ocean,

with a spell of love and take control over it.

To perhaps take revenge from the sun,

for taking away the darkness from the face of the earth.

The Earth: the only thing in the universe that the moon wants to engage in,

the center of it’s universe..

The Earth: In love with the sun of course, loved by the moon..



How is it that the moon is surrounded by darkness and full of flaws yet we desire to touch it, we admire it for its flawed beauty but we fear the darkness within us and despise ourselves for our flaws?